Accountability for sexual abuses at HAI

This site is in protest to the hypocrisy, illegality and systematic abuse and cover up of sexual, spiritual and psychological abuse of Peter Sandhill in his role in the Public Nonprofit HAI Global, otherwise known as the Human Awareness Institute.

Brian Martin

Board Chair at HAI Global
EIN 26-3847947

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The Human Awareness Institute has endangered my life and the lives of others through sustained sexual trauma, shame and the cover-up of not only my story but the story and refused to apologize or own this as an issue that the Human Awareness Institute needs to address. As a result a court-case is pending, a documentary about sexual abuse in America is being made of the process and other abuse-survivors are starting to come forward, which speak of stories of years of debilitating trauma and PTSD as a result of a sustained pattern of punishing abuse-survivors who come forward with their story and calling it "support."

This page is built with several premises:

  1. If you have searched for this individual it is presumably because you want to know who you are dealing with. Not the sugar coated version, but probably you want to know if you can trust this person to do business with, to do therapy with, to date or to employ. When lives have been endangered due to negligence, illegality, shame and abuse of power and this person has not spoken out publicly in favor of the most basic rights of clients, therapeutic patients and participants of a school that has as it's mission statement "Creating a World Where Everyone Wins," it is a question what else they will or will not do in all areas of their lives when their loyalty is divided between an agenda and the safety of the people they are legally and morally relied upon to protect.

  2. The Human Awareness Institute has sued (and lost) to shut down the website that relates the narrative pattern of these abuses with recorded evidence for over a decade. Yet they claim to teach "into-me-you-see," apparently except in cases when it involves their own shadow and breaking the law. They have broken the law and public trust and have spent more money suing to shut down the story than they have spent offering support for the PTSD induced by their ignorance, fear and lack of therapeutic training. It's always an alarming sign when a power-structure tries to fix a problem by killing the story, rather than growing and taking responsibility for their impact. In response to being sued, and to prevent them from suing other victims to silence them, I am directing an increasing amount of public energy on each individual involved in what is supposed to be a 501c3 non-profit acting in the public interest. Sexual abuse affects at least 25% of Americans at one point or another and it is not in the public interest for schools about healthy relationships to engage in illegal abuses of their clients and then cover it up, while pretending to be "loving." This is a public risk and will be treated as such.

  3. I'm concerned by the cowardice that has permeated this experience. Peter Sandhill began by telling me "I'm really clear this has nothing to do with me," when he had escalated a sexual relationship with a heterosexual man after pressuring me to take three times as much magic mushrooms than I was comfortable with and then encouraging me to take MDMA and continuing to behave unethically in a professional relationship. Peter Sandhill was trained, hired and whole-heartedly recommended to me by the entire HAI facilitator body. After continued denials and refusal to apologize by Peter, I took it to the board and the entire facilitator body, only to be told that "This is Not a HAI Issue," because I was at choice to hire him on my own or not. Then they tried to blame it all on Peter. Then they refused to read my e-mails and cut off my support in the community so I could not tell anyone, ignoring the data that shows the crucial role community support plays in letting trauma and shame de-escalate rather than turning into PTSD. Not a single member of the board has apologized or mandated that the facilitators who refuse to apologize. In short, I am dealing with a group of people who are not behaving honorably, have not even offered a refund for the abusive therapy caught on a 10 hour audio recording. Jason Weston sent me a contract asking me to promise never to sue HAI and never to tell anyone, which is one of the most ignorant things an abusive organization can ask of an abuse-survivor. Cowards don't like it when the light is turned on to them. So I'm hoping they will start behaving like an organization committed to love when they realize that everyone will be watching and holding them to accountability over the next 20 years.

  4. Trauma, shame, sexual abuse and exclusion/denial/blame at the level I have experienced will result in death, if enough people experience the protocol. I have been close to death on more than five occasions. I wrote to the entire community about wanting to die and planning to kill myself and not a single board-member, facilitator or team-member wrote to offer help or explore how the sustained pattern of trauma and shame within the community had contributed to a suicidal state. The message is: "We are not responsible for our impact, our teaching effectiveness or how you feel based on how we treat you. Go ahead and die." I would estimate that 5-70% of the men in my situation put through the HAI abuse and deny protocol will die. All will experience severe, crazy-making pain, broken-heartedness and social isolation within the community, to varying degrees. While this may be typical of many sociopathic elements in our culture, it is hopefully not typical of public non-profits who take money, trust, vulnerability, hope and time on the promise that one will have more love and healthy relationships in our lives.

  5. Sexual abuse and punishing the victim has been going on in this country for decades. I've watched every authority figure and adult in my life avoid stepping up to the plate to respond effectively by preventing, owning the issue and doing what is necessary to stop it. I have asked the facilitators to take actions to keep people safe. Jason says "Trauma is Not HAI's focus." Clearly it is no one else's. But I think it's time we realize that sexual abuse and trauma is everyone's focus. And if the individual on this page wants to pledge a mission statement of a "World Where Everyone Wins," perhaps that starts by protecting their clients from sexual abuse from unlicensed practitioners, apologizing thoroughly when it happens and doing what is necessary to make HAI a safer place. Instead I have been told they will not read my e-mails, deny the issue and make me feel complicit in their conspiracy of silence or spend my own money and time to do their job by getting the word out.

Since character, ethics, training and human decency cannot compel this individual to do the right thing, perhaps fear and public shame will do the trick. It usually does for people who are too afraid of facing their shadow to show up for those who need them most, when they believe they can control who observes their behavior. I know how hard it has been for me, and that I have it much easier in many ways than many of the sexually abused children and adults in our country. I want to show them that telling their story is possible even when everyone who says they are an ally encourages them to stay silent. This is for all of us who have been manipulated or bullied into silence and accepting lies to make our abuser more comfortable in their versions of reality; versions in which we are presumably not worth honoring.

If you want to help with the fight to make HAI safer or shut it down, or want to support the various efforts to bring awareness to what is truly an American blind-spot as well as a HAI blind spot, or if you want to understand what motivates an individual to focus several years reading psychology, studying trauma, making 800 hours of video documenting the ripple-effect of a series of abusive impacts by people in sacred roles of trust and power, you may want to visit: .

This information was gathered from the HAI website on date 8/15/2018 445AM PT.

All board members have refused to respond to all emails asking for a response relating to legal messages and to notify them of this page. In court one of HAI's challenges from an IRS standpoint will be to show that it has an independent board that will put public safety first. Re-hiring a known sex offender after taped information was presented, refusing to contact the abuse-survivor, refusing to apologize and being complicit in a cover-up of facilitator efforts to keep this secret are all consistent with a board of directors who is less interested in public safety or the mission of HAI and more interested in the short-term goals of the facilitators who are acting as therapists without the licensing to do that. As the final authority in HAI for hiring and firing every facilitator this board member is acting with contempt for their legal and moral responsibilities to the public in a 501(c)(3) US nonprofit.